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Not much to say about this. I’m in a state of shock as is everyone I know. It was difficult to understand what happened until I saw the pictures, then I broke down. People die every day, yet this is about as unjust, horrible, and evil as is possible to do to any other human being. No ideology is worth the kind of suffering inflicted today. For those who visit wanting to find news, most news sites are being bombarded and are therefore impossible to reach. The Daily Oklahoman site has an AP feed and many video clips loaded, and is still accessible. Also, the Robots.CNN.com mirror site has been up for most of the day as well. Less comprehensive sites like the Economist are also still available. Call your mom and tell her you love her. If you are in New York and can't get word out by phone, try the I'm Okay page that some intrepid netizens have put together.


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