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Ramping up

I apologize to my hard core fans (uh, my mom, and maybe Sean Meade, even if he doesn't like the site as much any more, and maybe some other person I haven't yet realized reads this) for not updating very much any more. I blame school. Actually, school is a good excuse. I am very busy with various classes, and when I am not actually in classes I am almost always discussing school, or doing homework, or doing Real Work here at the Dank Basement.

Since I've already alienated the normal blog crowd, I'll just tell you what I did last weekend. Saturday was Maggie and my first wedding anniversary. When we got hitched last year, we decided that we were going to divvy up planning for the anniversaries on an even-odd basis. She would take the odd anniversaries, and I would get the evens. She indicated to me I should do nothing to plan for this one, and I didn't do anything but get her a really nice present consistent with the theme, which marketers have determined for anniversary number one is paper. But that is a digression.

On Friday, Maggie picked me up at the school with a single rose, a printed program of weekend activities and the message: "we're going to Iowa." I said the only thing I could, which was "ok!" and we were off. Maggie had arranged us to stay at La Corsette Maison, a superb little inn in Newton, Iowa. So we drove down there and had a great weekend in a sleepy little town. On the night of our anniversary, we had a private hayride out at a nearby ranch, and kicked back with a bottle of wine by our own bonfire. It was great. Thanks, Mag.


My brother Kevin and I used to watch the cartoon Battle of the Planets when we were little kids in the 70s. I loved it, but no one I ever talk to recognizes it. Through that link you can now buy videotapes and DVDs.


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