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Hello, I must be going

I haven't been here in a while. The cynical among us would probably think that I got discouraged because the Sooners lost to Nebraska. On the contrary, I thought it was a really good game and does nothing to hurt our chances for the national championship. The rematch should be awesome, assuming we can get there.
No, it's law school again. The latest culprit has been our office memo, due in about seven hours. I have just finished it, and I am happy about that. I'll let you know how I did next week. So far every class has been fun and exciting, with the exception of Legislation. I thought that would be my favorite course, but it has remained far at the bottom of my list thus far. To date, my


1. Torts
2. Contracts
3. Civil Procedure
(tie)5. Legislation
5. Legal Writing
Speaking of school, I should go back to reading now. On your way out please consider checking back at my Archives, since I used to do better work. The one year birthday of Hobbsblog is coming up soon (a week? I'll check). Don't think I'm not doing something interesting to commemorate it.
The most shameful act in sports history?

The answer is... contraction.

Finally, web pages of attorneys I have known.
Anil Gollahalli (Norman High, class of '93. We were, along with Marc Young, the LD forces of NHS. Nice picture!)
Leah Castella (Lewis & Clark, class of '95. 3rd speaker at CEDA nationals of the same year. Robbed in quarterfinals. I know because I was there.)
Erich Paetsch (Lewis & Clark, class of '95. The picture doesn't make me COMPLETELY burst out laughing...)


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