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Back from the brink

After a year and a half of near perfect health, Mag and I have been suffering through a nasty cold recently. It’s funny because the weather here has been outstanding. In fact, I have complained twice about the weather this winter, and both times there has been a prompt warm up afterwards and I’ve felt a little silly. In the midst of my cold I actually had an interview for a job. Yes, a summer position at Faegre & Benson, a prominent Minneapolis firm. This would be pretty darn spiffy job, and not just because the pay is handsome. Spending time at a firm noted for its litigators would be a great experience. However, the job market is extremely tight and the partner who interviewed me told me in fairly certain terms that I wouldn’t likely be able to get one of the two jobs they have for first year students. This puts me back to square one, but I am not discouraged.

The other reason I doubt I will get the job is because they asked for my undergraduate transcript. I don’t know how the rest of you did, but I wasn’t paying nearly as much attention to my school work as I was to other types of education when I was there. Courses that were in my major (International Affairs) I did extremely well in. Other courses I did not. It’s a funny thing that I took German in high school because I knew most schools (like Lewis & Clark) didn’t accept Latin as a foreign language for the purposes of meeting the core graduation requirements. Yet, if I had taken Latin it definitely would have benefited my further education -- and German was my worst grade of my life at college. Such is life.

A note for my readers and others who find their way here: perhaps my number one all time search request is from people looking for a translation of "Tunak Tunak Tun," a (superior) song by Daler Mehndi. According to this Hindi translation page it has no real meaning. They are simply syllables that match the beat. Sometime else I'll post my own silly translation of what it sounds like he's saying.

Economic instability that stems from a catastrophe may seem like a product of an interconnected modern world, but archaeological evidence indicates that the death of Alexander the Great had major effects on the trading markets of the day -- some 2500 years ago.

The best TV contract by any professional basketball team owner was made by owners who no longer own their team.

Finally, calibrate your monitor.


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