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If the media is liberal, why aren’t they persecuting Bush for the Enron debacle? To review (last year‘s bloggage here), the largest contributors to George W. Bush’s campaign were Enron executives, including Kenneth Lay, who has been described as his number one career patron. With the collapse of Enron, and questions of shady dealings in the last days before bankruptcy, the lack of timely investigation by Republicans ought to sound alarm bells. Here’s hoping that this scandal dogs Bush like the boondoggle of Whitewater followed Clinton.

web life

There is definitely a culture of the internet; I was very much inculcated into it prior to law school and no longer follow the same excellent web sites. One of my favorites from before is PCJM, the former MNBLOG now based out of Seattle. She linked this update page for couples featured on “A Wedding Story,” that accursed show on TLC. Back when planning our wedding Maggie used to watch that show and I would sometimes peek in (only to make fun of the show, of course). I always used to joke that any updates in the future would start with voice overs “and that’s when I FIRST knew I hated her and this damn wedding was a mistake…” I haven’t seen any such revelations yet, but this bride died over the summer, which more or less extinguishes my sense of schadenfreude as it relates to that show.

Finally, if you haven't seen Debater's Corner recently, you're missing out. Jeff posts great links about current events for debaters and anyone else who is smart enough to handle the knowledge.


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