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You'd think after a year and a couple of months of blogging that I'd be able to remember how to do this, right? I mean, early on I discovered that it's best to do your daily entries in a word processor because of auto-save functions and the ability to retrieve your work if anything goes wrong. Yet, today, I had about two thirds of an extremely nicely thought out post on Enron and campaign finance and poof! No more. Maybe next week. I will say that I'm a little bit sheepish that I complained yesterday about the lack of coverage on the debacle and then that turned out to be the day that every news outlet decided it was a worthy enough story to feature.

How's school, you ask? It's interesting. Our constitutional law professor is extremely smart if not terribly interested in fostering discussion (notable quote: "Jefferson was America's Pol Pot. If it was up to him, you and I would be shoveling manure on some farm right now."). Our criminal law prof is at the other end of the spectrum; he's also very intelligent but seems more interested in getting a discussion going than instructing us at this point. Property law is its own animal. And civil procedure, while dull, is necessarily going to be the most useful of any of the classes so I feel a special need to be attentive and do well in it.

These entries are likely to be shorter than they used to be, especially if I can't remember to save my work effectively.

shirt off your back?

Actual email I've received. Initially I was flattered, then the strong smell of rat flooded my nostrils.

Hi Nathan,

Great Blog, although the legal talk is out of my realm. Ironically, I found it
by searching for Oklahoma football talk at Daypop.com. Admirable the way you've
kept the Sooner talk to a minimum. Great to finish the season 11-2, though we
could have done better...Let's hope that the QB play (Brent Rawls or Jason White
if we're lucky) is better next year.

But to the point, I was wondering how you created the sidebar with the links on
your page. Would you be able to send me a copy of your template?

Thanks, (omitted)

Now, whoever you are, I make no claims as to your bad intentions, although it does seem strange that to get a sidebar you would need my entire template. The most basic blogger standard templates have sidebars; why would you need mine? And yes, the Sooners are going to do great next year. We even got to keep Bob Stoops!


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