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Springing forth

It is a testament to my restraint that I didn’t make a stupid law related pun about springing executory interests. But I wouldn’t want to devolve further into Jargon. So, one month left for this semester of school. I have noticed the telltale signs of burnout, and I have carefully avoided working too hard to not suffer that fate. Now, however, I am beginning to really get into the classes. Recently I learned that three out of four of my classes will have closed book finals (recall that every grade in law school is entirely based on the final examination grade), which makes me happy because I memorize things well.

Finally, the weather is warming up and the first signs of spring are present. Our only snow left after three consecutive days in the fifties is the occasional dirty pile left around, and larger drifts in permanent shadows. More encouragingly, Lake Phalen is beginning to display large fissures and cracks running through the ice, and although the ice cap is still inches thick, I can begin to speculate as to when ice out will happen. Current guess is April 12, which I hope is overcautious considering we are planning to go camping on the 19th. The week prior I am going trout fishing in the south with Jeron. Trout tastes good.

Nappy dugout?

This article about the pranks that baseball (and some other sports) players submit each other to is quite amusing.

[T]hose were real cops who were persuaded to interrupt an AHL Hamilton Bulldogs practice, informing bruising wing Georges Laraque (now with Edmonton) that the only way to avoid jail time for speeding tickets was to dance the hokey pokey. In uniform. His performance, caught on camera, aired on the 6 o'clock news.

How do Afghan terrorists know how to commit Jihad? "I learned it by watching YOU!" Blowback, indeed.

Are you threatening me? I miss Dan Quayle, and so does the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, who was allegedly menaced by our former Veep.


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