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Too much law

After six months of law school, I am beginning to note that the law is beginning to consume my brain. Krista (my sister in law) mentioned this to me a couple of weeks ago, when she said "yeah, I tried to go visit your blog but it was jargon mcJargony and I ignored it." Too bad, right? Posting stuff here used to be about me logging what I found that was interesting and otherwise writing about stuff I was intrigued by. Yet, with the law version of the Alien implanted on my figurative face, it's tough to think about anything but legal arguments.

That being said, it is not likely to get much better. I watch Judge Judy with Maggie and I'm always signposting the arguments with "she's now exploring the elements of his battery" or "she's now moving from the defunct tort to the quasi-contractual claim" or whatever. I think I'm going to write a law review article about the common law of Judge Judy.

For everyone I've ever blown off on the web, sorry.

Not about the law

I think that Charles Barkley is one of the most entertaining and candid figures in sports history.

Mullets are the all-time most funny hairstyle.

Come play against me on Jeopardy! online. I'm norm_1142, and I will beat you.


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