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Happy birthday to me, late. I turned 27 on Tuesday (not too late to send cash, people) and I STILL don’t feel old. At some point, I know I’ll think of myself as a Grown Up, but for now I don’t. A common joking question among people my age is to ask what you’re going to do when you grow up. Most of us aren’t yet doing what we would regard as career work; most still just work at jobs and have put off long term thinking for the present time. I can’t really argue with taking time off from school or whatever, considering that for four years I worked in the Real World with some success, pulling in a salary close to national average and doing certain things that signify that one is a real unit of commerce (buying a house, buying a car, etc.). Yet, at some point, those questions about what to do mature into a crisis of “I am NOT going to be doing ______when I’m 40” and then you either go to school or start a business or do some real work. This point illuminates my first lesson I’ve learned about life, which is

1. You are never really happy earning a living while you are doing something you don’t want to do.
I went to law school because I was tired of clock watching and slacking on company time. BOOOORing.

Other lessons are much more succinct.

2. People who don’t signal their turns really irritate those that do.
3. Owning is better than renting.
4. Insurance is very, very good.
5. A loyal dog is a great companion.

And just because I’ve left it to the end doesn’t make this the least important item.

6. Finding someone you love and know and value and making that relationship work is a great joy.

Stupid links

More annoying than entertaining? You make the call.

Illuminating: a guy documented the various dates in history that religions have predicted would be the end of the world. A must.

Do not die without learning about the excesses and evils of the funeral home industry. Educate yourselves!


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