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Two weeks ago today it was snowing hard. Today the high will be in the mid 80s. Minnesota weather can be strange. Unfortunately, I was unable to catch any trout last week, but I had a great time exploring the park and hiking the stream. I spotted dozens of big, fat trout spending some of the day under a bridge, but by the time you see them, they can see you and they won't bite. I am looking forward to going canoe camping this next week. With the high temperatures, I hope that the lake we are aiming to visit next week will quickly ice out. As of last week it had a thick cap of ice still. Phalen, on the other hand, finished melting on Saturday, meaning that my guess of last month was only off by a day.

Now, for the fun. Check out the Homer Simpson soundboard, for some fun. I am disappointed that "Mmm...Hog Fat" wasn't on there. Other soundboards I have enjoyed recently include the Samuel L. Jackson soundboard, the extended Samuel L. Jackson soundboard, and the Christopher Walken soundboard. I note that many of these have a common source at this site.


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