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Blogging the war

You're already very aware of the transcedence of blogs in the new media if you are visiting here. What does that mean for war coverage? In my estimation, it means that we do not have to be satisfied with CNN, Fox, and the other tripe given to the official media. I invite you to check out what the unofficial sources have to say.

Where is Raed? is the superstar blog of the moment. A Baghdadi blogger who writes of timing B-52 raids from London (BBC reports them taking off, and the Iraqis know they have six hours until the bombs start dropping) and the price of vegetables in the market. A must.

Ribbity Blog is a blog written by an Arabic speaking Israeli. Gaining a reputation for quick translations of al-Jazeera newscasts.

Letter from Gotham is a pro-war blogger who started blogging after 9/11 from New York. She is a friend of Salam (publisher of Where is Raed?) and has very good links.

The Agonist collects news, both official and unofficial, and posts it on a nearly minute-by-minute update scale. An impressive blog with more information than you know what to do with.

CNN's mirrored robot site is here, if the main site is not working due to traffic.

I'll update my nationalism thread soon. I'm working on the angle of "why do those guys think like that?" So many of my friends and family have asked me how the Bush administration can do what they are doing, as it seems they are mad. I don't think they're insane, just misguided. To come.


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