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He's Gone

From my email inbox this morning:

June 16, 2003

From: Fred W. Fields, Chair, Lewis & Clark College Board of Trustees

To: Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni and Friends of the College

President Michael Mooney has delivered his resignation to me. Dr.
Mooney will continue in his role as President until August 31, 2003,
at which time he will become President Emeritus and a professor of the

Dr. Mooney has worked for the betterment of the College for 14 years
and his achievements have had a lasting and positive impact on the

Dr. Mooney has taken responsibility for making a large, as-yet
unrepaid loan to an environmental technology company. In light of his
remarkable and exemplary performance over 14 years, the Board
previously declined to accept his offer of resignation over the loan.

Dr. Mooney's resignation is not the result of any new information.
Rather, it reflects his recognition that the College will be better
served by a President who can focus full attention on the future of
the College, as Dr. Mooney has been able to do for the last 14 years.

During his tenure as President, Dr. Mooney earned a yearlong
sabbatical, which he intends to begin this fall.


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