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Sorry, Krista's Boss

The latest TV obsession for cool people is the Forsyte Saga, a loooong miniseries that just concluded a run on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre. Maggie and her sister Krista and I have been watching this for many weeks, and we already have the DVDs for the first series (426 minutes of episodes). The second series wound up last night.

The Forsyte Saga is based on the books by John Galsworthy. Funny enough, they were published so long ago that they are now out of copyright and are available as ebooks on the web. Here are the first three books as an ebook, published over 1000+ web pages. The internet is grand. And there are other places that have these posted! Book one: The Man of Property: here; Book two: In Chancery / Indian Summer of a Forsyte: here and here; and Book three: Awakening and To Let: here. (And there are outfits that are selling these ebooks.

Oh, and since Krista will now be reading the Forsyte books instead of working, I am sorry for her job. That is all-- for now.


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