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The Final Finals

I took my first of this semester’s finals today (products liability). It was painful, but nothing unexpected. I took pretty good notes and stayed reasonably well up on the reading, so I wasn’t starting from behind like some of the hated classes in law school. Next week I have Remedies (the book is called “Modern American Remedies,” which makes me think of “Old American Remedies” like snake oil and laudanum and cocaine), and then the crush of people begin to arrive for graduation. I am very excited to be done with school. Now if I can just get a job. I have an interview tomorrow with a nice sounding judge in Stillwater (approximately fifteen minutes NE of here). My fingers are crossed.

This is a fascinating read, an article by Lawrence Lessig entitled “How I Lost the Big One,” and it is a bit of introspection about how he lost last year’s big patent case at the SCOTUS, Eldred v. Ashcroft. Ashcroft is named as a defendant in a lot of cases, as you may or may not expect, but most of them are naming him in his capacity as Attorney General and not against him personally. Most, but not all.


Don’t miss this year’s comet show. Grab some binoculars and look where the graphic tells ya.


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