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My Science Project

I have always liked science, but hated math. Unfortunately, that fact precluded me from being rescued from my destined profession. But I understand now that I could have a little science project going on the side -- something a little hot, like the guy featured here who created a model breeder reactor in his mom's potting shed. He was only 17, and was trying to get a boy scout merit badge in "Atomic Energy." He got his radioactive materials from smoke detectors, antique luminous clock hands, and oh, yeah, he impersonated a scientist or two.

Other people satisfy their yin for science in other ways, like collecting. This new Russian museum of erotica is featuring Rasputin's penis (fair warning-- the opening photo is a Russian woman staring eye-to-uh, eye with a large disembodied phallus) as part of its display. The other member mentioned in the article belonged to Napoleon, but alas, his organ does not compare to the Mad Monk's.

I think I understand why my Career Services director recommended that I take my reference to this website off my resume.

Side note

We have comments again. Also, I am a proud owner of a sparkling new gmail account, so use that to write me. nathan.hobbsATgmailDOTcom (@ and . left out to prevent me from getting slammed with spam, mom).


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