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Hitting the bar

Bar study in full swing now.  Prior to getting the job, I wasn't really studying because a) I felt like I would pass it anyway and b) I didn't know what I was doing job-wise so it just didn't feel as important to me.  But now, with my job riding on the outcome of this test, I am extremely motivated to pass it. 
The bar is really an annoying exercise.  It is a two day deal, which consists of:

    DAY I
  • 90 minutes-- two essays

  • 90 minutes-- the Multistate Performance Test, where they give you a fake case file and some fake cases and you have to write a fake memo

  • --lunch--
  • 180 minutes-- four essays (the fatigue will destroy you)

  • DAY II
  • 180 minutes-- 100 multiple choice problems

  • --lunch--
  • 180 minutes-- 100 multiple choice problems

I now have done a full simulated bar, so I have an idea about the timing and difficulty issues.  The multiple choice problems are especially bad, because typically I can figure out the way the problem is to be generally answered, but they're all phrased as 'pick the best answer' which leads to looking at two choices that are fairly similar but express a different and sometimes both correct legal doctrine to reach the conclusion.
Oh, and then there's the common law approach to criminal law, which no state even follows anymore, such as that a burglary must be at night.  So stupid. 
In the meantime, I'll just have to study for the other kind of bar exam, where I learn the difference between a gimlet and a Rob Roy and... no, I think I better wait on that one. 

Bobby Fischer got arrested in Japan and is facing deportation back to the US.  Folks, he is THE bull goose loony.  
Aw, it's ok.  You can hate Garfield if you want.
Uncle Kurt is not too happy about the direction our country's going.
Less serious, try the brutally honest personals if you want to get an idea of what you're in for if you, uh, date.


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