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Next phase

As of two weeks ago, I moved from being "unemployed recent graduate of law school" to "employed recent graduate of law school." This is a big step. I am somewhat concerned that people in my firm will read this (not because of anything bad, but more because I don't want them to think I'm sucking up too bad), although if they do I only have myself to blame, as (as noted) I had the URL on my resume. Susan G. in the Career Services Office thought that was a bad idea.

So let's call the firm I'm working for The Firm. The Firm appears to be perfect for me. They only do plaintiff's class action litigation, and they only do big cases. Which is what I wanted to do. The Firm is also a laid-back sort of office, which is unnatural for law firms. However, doing only class actions means that we virtually never have to do any client contact. So no ties, or suits, or golf, or brown-nosing rich dudes, or joining the Rotary Club. This is a Good Thing. I don't think the Rotary Club would like me very much.

But now I have to take the bar exam, which means learning a thumbnail sketch of the entire breadth of the law in the next two weeks. Wish me luck!

A few links

Lest anyone forget... the Bush-Lay memos. How Bush has gone this far without having his ties to Enron shoved down his throat is beyond me. See also his lies about: Medicare, WMD, 9/11, etc.

A scientist finds the answer to "intelligent design theory" in the simple lamprey.

My e-friend Skot really writes funny stuff, as previously noted. Check out his bit on an erectile dysfunction drug ad he'd like to see.


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