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Election link updates

Yesterday I posted links for places to go check out results and follow developing stories. Other places to go while you're nervously waiting for polls to close:

An MSNBC survey of developing stories for the day, including snow in New Mexico and a very cute rally in Boston (around 35,000, they think, although over 2 million showed up last week to cheer the Red Sox).

Both Wonkette and MyDD.com have been leaking exit poll results, as has Kos, although Kos has just been passing on what MyDD posted so far.

For tonight (and after, if 2000 repeats itself): the C-SPAN tracker map looks really sharp, and I doubt it will be as hammered as the major news sites like CNN. Also, don't forget the Robots.cnn mirror, if the main CNN site is too heavily trafficked.

*end public service announcements*


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