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I have been complaining since May 2001 that I wasn't the top "Nathan Hobbs" in google. Well no longer! Sometime in the last few months Google finally moved me up past the long dead "Nathan Hobbs Seaver" into the top position. I am so honored. *does a little jig*

"Ted" got a very funny "birthday" when the "agents" decided to show up at a "bar" and give him "presents" and a "cake" and stuff. Snark pointed that out.

Can you stand to read another article about the USA's cultural divide? I think something snapped this year, I really do; I just don't know what the loser blue states plan on doing about it. Thanks for giving us the finger, red states.

I don't feel like playing nice anymore. I know that I will inevitably get visits from the branch of my family that voted for Bush, and I suspect I will get the reaction that I have seen from other Bush supporters-- a gracious, measured response, recognizing our differences and willing to support our freedoms and willingness to dissent-- (right). The truth is that the Republican coalition of 2004 is held together by bile and hatred and fear. I will be interested in seeing more paranoia from the right, and expect that we will continue to see the charge that the media is controlled by the left and that God is being swept aside in the culture wars. I will be ready to point it out.

Martin Luther King's letter from a Birmingham jail has relevance to today's gay rights movement.


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