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Since I've been gone

As has been the pattern for the last couple of years, I go on a publishing jag for a few weeks and then either forget about this space for a few other weeks or just forget to post something.

This time was a little different. In a foolish moment of pique, I promised Jeff that I'd make my next post a wholly hyperlinked villanelle, which I half-assedly worked on for a week then abandoned as beyond the scope of anything I had time or inclination to do. But then I felt like I couldn't post anything until I came up with the damn poem, which kept me away for another few weeks, until I decided that I'd just been a moron and that the only way out of the situation was the dishonorable one-- that's right, no villanelle.

At some point I'll have to belatedly comment on all the current event issues. Until then, here's my summary:

  • Inauguration: didn't watch it.

  • Terri Schiavo: wow, watch the Right eat itself. Go jurisprudence! Boo, Frist!

  • Bird Flu: hysteria is not fever pitch yet. Give it until October.

  • NCAA Basketball: The best sports value out there. Suck it, professional leagues.

  • NHL Hockey Lockout: Maggie still is employed by a non-existent team in a non-existent league. I wish they'd solve their problem for her (our) sake. Otherwise, see previous comment.

  • NCAA Football: Last I checked, the Sooners were undefeated and going to play in the Orange Bowl. I don't remember anything after that.

  • Michael Jackson trial: wake me when it's over.

  • Scott Peterson trial: He did it.

  • Robert Blake trial: He probably did it, too. But the rules are different if you're a rich and famous dude.

  • Martha Stewart: Welcome home! I'm still glad you went to jail. Now if we can get Bernie Ebbers (GUILTY!), Jeff Skilling, and Kenny Boy Lay there too...
  • Hubble telescope: another beautiful thing that Bush is trying to kill.

  • Mars Rovers: SCIENCE!

  • Iraq: a terrible, bloody, worthless quagmire.

  • Me: I'm thirty now. It boggles the mind. This has been the most personally eventful year since 2000.

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  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger Bill Hooker said…

    I want that villanelle, lazy bastard!

    Also, I hate you for being six years younger AND more accomplished than me, which is Australian for "Happy belated Birthday!".

  • At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Kevin Hobbs said…

    I'm just glad your posting again.

    P.S. Best NCAA tourney in a while me thinks. Too bad the pokes and the red raiders went down last night, no Big 12 in the final four, alas.


    Happy Birthday again, Bro.

  • At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Kevin Hobbs said…

    your = you're



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