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Focus and purpose

I've long thought about restarting regular blogging, and writing everyday on the Woodyblog has done the opposite of sucking up all my potential writing time; it's actually making me want to write more, and not have to be constrained by having to talk about that (*waves hands*) situation.

So, here's the deal. I think I'm going to divide my web-related creativity as follows:

a) Hobbsblog, which will, as per my usual pattern, get a number bump (up to IV) and a new template1 upon commencing regular postings.
b) Woodyblog, which will continue on the set pattern of daily posts about Woody and related topics (Maggie has, as of today, been added as an author there, and I will start standing aside for her on certain days).
c) The Voxblog, which just started this week, which will be used for two purposes: 1. a redundant backup for any moving pictures I shoot, and 2. mobile blogging from the Treo, which will probably be picture + caption/explanation format.
d) Flickr, as a still picture repository.
e) Youtube, for moving pictures.

1. I'm actually considering dusting off and slightly updating a vintage site design, like this one, as seen on February 23, 2001. I sure wish I'd had the intelligence to save my templates back then, instead of having to re-invent them.


  • At 4:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Hope you start posting soon. I've missed your blog.




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