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The divergent paths of Agnetha and Frida

Everyone loves ABBA, right? So it goes without saying that we love ABBA's costumes. And the girls. Agnetha Fältskog aka "the blonde one" and Anna-Frid Lyngstad, aka "Frida", aka "the not blonde one".

So Jeffy and I were discussing his idea of getting together some people for a group costume for Halloween, dressing as ABBA. He sends me this link to illustrate.* It's "SOS", circa 1975 (my year of birth, incidentally).

"Dude." I point out sagely. "That's not even the best *SOS* video for costumery."

Agnetha in a dirndl! Frida in a hairshirt! ... with a Peter Pan collar. Awesome.

I am now put in mind of one of my long-held observations for ABBA. When they started out, Frida was hotter. Agnetha was awkward. As they go on in time, Agnetha gets progressively more attractive, and Frida becomes a mess. Here's 1975 again, with Mamma Mia. ... which I'm only linking because the outfits are historically, nay, biblically hilarious.

Let's go forward a year to "Knowing Me, Knowing You."

This is the last time that Frida is unambiguously more attractive than Agnetha. By 1979, they are equal in power:

And one year later, with Super Trouper, Agnetha has surpassed Frida.

By their last album, Agnetha is devastating, and Frida is a mess.

Frida did have a better post-ABBA career. Benny and Bjorn have more money than God. They're all awesome.

*Jeff should really have known better.


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