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Don't call it a comeback

In the last near month I've been away, I've been concentrating on school and, yes, finishing my gainful employment at D1. What on earth compelled me to come back to the blog? Nerves, gentle audience. Sheer nerves.

Tomorrow morning I take my first law school final, and I can no longer study any torts. I want to get some rest but I'm a bit too amped up. What to do?

Well, I found this ping pong game on MeFi a few weeks back that helped bleed the time away. The beta is here, although watch out for the annoying pop up ads once you try to leave. The "real site" is here, although I like the beta better. Hey, I can beat the beta. Other interesting diversions that I've been pursuing include Tangleword, Cascade, and Hearts, all here, at Playsite. Unfortunately, I don't feel like playing that right now either.

The funny thing about the blogging is someone remembered the birthday of Hobbsblog, even though I didn't. I did, but I never did do the "best of" column that I intended. No, that would be Maggie, who bought me Civilization III to commemorate. And I thought she was supposed to be helping me study for finals. As for the blog, I think I'll just do an end of year issue after finals to wrap up 2001 and the first year of Hobbsblog. The truth be told, it has been an annus horribilis for me and the country, and I for one have been happy to see it go. As faithful readers know, the blog started two days prior to the death of my father-in-law, and this has been tough for the family and me. However, making it through imputes strength, and at this juncture I am strong, and confident, and ready to move on.

Looking forward

Did I mention that I've decided to put the site on my resume (as my torts professor says, never say in English what you can say in Latin, so I should really call it my curriculum vitae like all the cool people)? No kidding. I've found that when you try to put your life on paper, two things happen.

1. Your life looks really boring
2. You tend to equate what you do with who you are.

I am so glad I am getting into an Interesting Field. It's one thing to be thought of as one who thinks about The Law, and another to be associated with the supply of computer parts to technicians. There is nothing wrong with the latter, of course, but I was getting tired of being talked down to by people with eighth grade educations. And those were the managers. On the other hand, if this site is going on the CV, I should probably talk about subjects with dignity and grace. Or maybe not. Stay tuned. I'm not done yet.