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Navel Gazing

I sometimes wonder why I don't deal with other blogs in the law community. I think it's because I'm so sick of law school I don't even want to mention it outside of the confines of Mondale Hall itself. But, I've been known to read other legal sites and I'll inflict a couple on you. This is a 1L blog, notable for its newness and the fact that the writers are not yet cynical. I love this, by the way:

I shocked myself by really liking the mock interview program. As Pork Roll (ed: the writers use various porcine noms de plume)observed upon bumping into me immediately after my two back-to-back interviews had concluded, "You seem happier today!" And I think I was, mostly because my interviewers had given me good feedback and had told me that I would have no trouble finding a job.

Ha. ha ha. HAHAHAHAHAHAH *weeps* Maybe Penn's name goes a bit farther than Minnesota. Let's be frank. The legal market stinks right now, and I can't recommend law school to anyone who needs money. If you are independently wealthy and looking for a three year expensive diversion, go for it.

I found the link to that site via the well known How Appealing appellate blog, which I have linked before. This is a good blog because it links actual decisions and analysis of ongoing legal issues. A must. I have become aware recently of a number of other legal blogs, including a number linked by Professor Smith at the U of Wisconsin law school. I note that this site has never hit the law student honor roll, and I can conclude that is due to either the fact that I rarely deal with law or law school issues any more, or the fact that I rarely post anything any more, or because of the historic rivalry between Wisconsin and Minnesota (I will tastefully refrain from noting comparative ratings of the two schools).

One more: I also regularly read the Supreme Court blog, which is spottily updated but always entertaining. For law geeks like m'self, anyway. YMMV.

Bloggin' for Jesus, again

In the "ok, go ahead and trigger Armageddon" category: remember the story about the American Airlines pilot who did some clumsy proselytizing on a flight back from Costa Rica? Well, the only magazine that got an interview with the pilot was the Advocate, a gay mag. The story they ran was praised by none other than Christianity Today as "fair" and "positive." Apparently the editor of Advocate.com was actually on the flight, and talked to the pilot when it landed. Weird stuff. Although I doubt that this "endorsement" will do much to mend fences between those two communities.

Tangentially: God Hates Shrimp.