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Remember and Vote

As the last post here indicates, it has been a very busy time in law school. Between work and school and the clinic (representing actual clients in actual cases) I have had little time to devote to my favorite web frivolity (this page, dummy). And when I do make the time, it's more because of my own selfish motivation of wanting to memorialize what I'm thinking at key points. Most of you probably know what I mean.

Paul Wellstone is dead. This is a real shame. A damned shame; I really liked this guy, and Norm (ex-Democrat Brooklynite) Coleman is a spineless twit. Hearing the news of the plane crash was the sort of crushing announcement that makes your spirit fall and realize that nothing nothing nothing good can come of it. I am somewhat heartened by the Mondale replacement, but sick about it in the sense that he's not really prepared for the job, is not young and vigorous like Wellstone, and doesn't get the younger people excited like Wellstone! did. Here are a couple of neat old campaign stories about him; this one by an old staffer (from Salon) is cool, with old war stories. This reprint of an article from 1990 is a behind the scenes look at his upset win that made him a senator-- a real heartwarming story of the scrappy underdog. At one point, his opponent announces a million dollars in the bank-- while Wellstone(!) has $7.15.

Finally, a re-post of my own; I linked this a year and a half ago, and it deserves another look; Wellstone(!)'s argument why the Democratic party shouldn't go farther to the right.